10 Year Old Kid MANE vs 10 Year Old Kid KEVIN DE BRUYNE.. AMAZING Football Competition

10 Year Old Kid MANE vs 10 Year Old Kid KEVIN DE BRUYNE.. AMAZING Football Competition
FUN Kids football challenge, a premier league football competition called football Olympics where some of the best football teams in the EPL go head to head in a football comeptition & the winners get a big prize like football boots. Kevin De Bruyne & Sadio mane (liverpool) (man city) go against each other with amazing football skills
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kids premier league football competition / football tournament, where amazing football skills are shwon off, winner of the soccer match / soccer game wins a big prize





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  • How much has football changed when I was there age and going training,we ran around the pitch to warm up then had a game,I'll admit it was grass roots football,but even now when I take my son to his training they do all sorts of drills and the coach is fa trained

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  • Futur Ronaldo fistart.info/tv/videot/vJjUm5qdjKyitt0.html

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