Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, Cclothes are a part of everyday life. But we’ve got some brilliant hacks to make dealing with them a little easier.
Weren’t these clothing hacks brilliant? Which one will you try out first? We can’t wait to try turning our jeans into backpacks. But don’t keep all these hacks to yourself - share this video with your friends so they can become fashion whizzes too!
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  • Bella without pants do we have to do the same!?! 😂

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  • I tried one and it work you just have to take pencil crayons and leave it in are cup of water for are little bit

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    • @Rashmi Joshi Yeah I know right

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    • Some of the hack that they are doing some of them they work keep watching them and you will see and know

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    Cylia SmithCylia Smith2 päivää sitten
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