F1 2020 Portuguese GP Meme Re🧢

Alphamaxnova1 style review of the F1 2020 Portuguese GP at Algarve Circuit.
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  • Name it „Meme re🧢“

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    • how did you made the portimao track on F1 2020

      Mohamed RahmouniMohamed Rahmouni28 päivää sitten
    • It took me a while to find out

      YaBoiDennyYaBoiDenny28 päivää sitten
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  • I think the best part was when Max and Perez were looking each other and the song I won't let you go

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  • Im Portuguese

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  • 2:44 Why That Sounds Like Jess No Limit (Indonesian FIstartr

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  • You have a video locked for copyright.... f1 management frick u

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  • Nico hulkenberg has to take ronaldos place in juventes

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  • 91 wins, that business in Canada doesn't count

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  • 2:53 Kimi is from Finland not Iceland

    Ali A.Ali A.27 päivää sitten
    • @Ali A. lmfao imagine being wrong and then being a douche about it

      Communist RussiaCommunist Russia26 päivää sitten
    • @Communist Russia That was so funny I forgot where to laugh

      Ali A.Ali A.26 päivää sitten
    • @Ali A. yeah I know he is from Finland smartass but the joke is he is the iceman from Iceland

      Communist RussiaCommunist Russia26 päivää sitten
    • @Communist Russia google where kimi is from

      Ali A.Ali A.26 päivää sitten
    • Dumbass it means he is known as iceman so he's from Iceland

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  • I love the remix of BWOAH from Mc Kimi!

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  • Why do I have the inpression that Hamilton used overtake button to catch Bottas?

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  • 2:45 it's jess no limit 😅

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  • how did you made the portimao track on F1 2020

    Mohamed RahmouniMohamed Rahmouni28 päivää sitten
  • hey thats not true about iceland... i play on 30% not 0%.... sometimes.

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  • Bottas being served Hards, and Kimi putting the difficulty setting to 0 is some unreal comedy.

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  • Wait is there a Portugal Option in F1 2020???? I don’t have that track or Nurburgring

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