Making Lego Car CLIMB Slopes

How to climb steep ramps using Lego? Tested on a plastic glass sheet.
The angle of inclination is gradually increased and the car improved to the limit (and beyond). Enjoy!
Slope material is SAN (styrene acrylonitrile)
The yellow Lego wheel part id is 32020c01




  • I guess you like red bricks. XD

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  • just dont power the back wheels, full throttle on the front baby

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  • I can say you are a very smart person. I wish i could do this all though im only 12. I love watching your videos! You should never stop making content! With love from Latvia

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  • try designing a whole course for your rock climbing robot with different conditions around the course

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  • Now make a hanging cart with weights and see how far you can drive along the plexiglass before the crate breaks and falls.

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  • You basically built a Belly dragger.

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  • I was a bio major but always regretted not having the time to learn engineering. I wish lego sets came with little electric motors and gears and pulleys and such at the big box stores. I would have played with them nonstop - and been the better for it. My theory is that the key to getting little kids hooked on mechanical engineering is to have only a few simple generalized parts - like each part can be used in many ways the same way a simple lego block is used. This is better than a hundred specific parts that only have one function. Then you have to search all the parts and know what that part looks like and how it is used. That’s too much for a little mind. Keep it simple. Then as they get used to something simple like a chassis and 4 wheels, then they can buy other kits to keep adding to their creations which will also add to their knowledge. I always thought the erector sets were too overwhelmingly complicated for my little mind so I never even tried them.

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  • This is essentially what engineers go through when they build something. Make the base idea then run tests and tweak the idea to pass the tests until you're left with the final build.

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  • 3:06 is basically how a tower crane trolley works, except it is being pulled by a cable.

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  • There is a master's thesis available for free about this exact subject. Stockton, Alexander (2015). Design, Build, and Control of a Climbing Robot for Irregular Surface Geometry.

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  • I can't be the only once instinctively thought of the term "spider car" at a certain point of this video.

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  • 2060: Making lego car fly to space

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  • can you make actually working transmission.

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  • This is the guy they call in those cheesy "end of the world movies" where they find some guy who uses unconventional methods/ideas no one has ever heard of to save the world. Please keep making these videos. This is my therapy.

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