Minecraft, But Crafts Are Multiplied...

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  • Be sure to check out my Youtooz Giveaway! The plushie is dropping on February 26th :L tapl.youtooz.com/

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    • YAY

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    • Tapl, is the free giveaway plush is free shipping worldwide?

      Tze Kong ChanTze Kong Chan9 päivää sitten

      ajaj9 päivää sitten
    • How can I access it

      Rolly LozadaRolly Lozada9 päivää sitten
    • ooooooooooooN

      Queen PascuaQueen Pascua9 päivää sitten
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  • 0:37 its 100,1% lol

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  • 5:16 акакия в студию

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  • Is it just me or does anyone else hate how dramatic he is and his screaming

    Life of Vexed WaldoLife of Vexed WaldoTunti sitten
  • How do people just get these things. Is it a mod or what is it??

    kooggykooggyTunti sitten
  • TapL: “why did you shoot the sheep?” Me: but you are killing the sheep

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  • Fake tapl✓ Chad moment

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  • Did anyone else notice he walked over a desert temple at 13:46

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  • 20:20 its a good thing hes single

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  • Hi pls mode

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  • Plugin Name?

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  • ''Chad moment''

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  • please give the command for this or pugin plssss (or mod)

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  • How do I get Murch from you

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  • You shude make gold carrots

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  • nobody: TapL's inventory: yes a stack is 127 items :)))

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  • that 360 bow and mlg was insane

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  • TapL just became kids youtuber, shouting and being overly excited

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  • Chad moment

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  • I love it but can you do a block of enderportortle

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  • When tapl use gold blocks to climb: I am rich When he use netherite blocks to do same thing: doesn't matter.

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  • Was this live

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  • 13:50 upside down T

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  • I love how he was nerd piling with netherite blocks

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  • 3:35 Skeleton:this is my last arrow bye

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  • why u throw ender...

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  • Why is mod?

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  • Gem

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    • Ury

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  • That plussy if so cute just look at the golden apple its holding makes it perfect

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  • I mean burning the items will prevent the game from crashing, right?

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  • Does Anyone know his seed pls tell me

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  • 20:29, my man killed the dragon with a 360° no-scope, mlg water save and no one cares

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  • can u pls make us a site with your all data packs

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  • Play mangas but every time you kill somebody you switch Maps

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  • Me at the end : u ok ?

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  • However you

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  • Nice plushy also Chad

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  • i love the pluche i wich i hade it

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  • I want a shoutout so this is my comint your videos are the best lol

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  • wow

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  • Chad

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  • did no one see the dessert temle in the villge in a house

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  • Now u know how I feel when I look at a grass block

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  • Chad moment

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  • I love your video TAPL!!!

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  • The intro scared me

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