Minecraft: Escaping Herobrine's Prison

I was put into prison by Herobrine but I planned an escape...
#Shorts #Minecraft
Music: RYLLZ - Nemesis




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  • The guy at the start had a diamond pickaxe he couldve given THAT TO HIM INSTEAD THAT TRIGGERS ME

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  • Kules videdo

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  • Jail is copy of the pandora's vault

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  • I like the music

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  • esse era o comentario br q vc estava procurando

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  • Chi è questo video lo voglio sposare

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  • And that's how dream will escape the prison from the smp

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  • I’m just gonna dislike every time I hear this song

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  • could of knocked him off

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  • At least you had a nice view

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  • That was amazing dude

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  • I remember wayy back when these videos was taken seriously now they're just memes

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  • Legal😁

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  • Red stone man take me by the hand

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  • Wats impressive he made it out in 1 heart-😳🤚

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  • Not even annoyed that this was faked. Good job :)

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  • Just type [/kick herobrine] and then just turn into creative and then go to his castle and type [fill ~~30~~30~~30 tnt] and then you get your REVENGE

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  • Conveniently placed castle

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  • I hate it when I get put in herobrines jail

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  • Thats pretty cringe

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  • Epic scenes

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  • Could you guys stop saying the music is bad-?! And just talking about the fricking music?!

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  • Imagine if herobrines bed was in the castle

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  • Wow

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  • Um I think that’s a person as herobrine

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  • I'm tired of this music with minecraft parkour. 😡

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  • That was really risky

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  • This is his fifth escape I’m talking g about this guy from japan from the 1930s-1960s he escaped from prison 4 times and this is his fifth

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  • What's the song name?

  • fun fact: the tnt can float

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  • Oh so that's Herobrine

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  • You need a command block

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  • How did he eat a rotten flesh without having the hunger effect on him???

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  • That's so cool

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  • Why he's so pro:o

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  • Wow So Cool And Redstone Guy is so Helpful

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  • nice

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  • BadEnding:Herobrine explote the castle and PingPong die

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  • How you do the bridge thing

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  • I hate the backsound

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  • The food is cant poison it?

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  • Thing is: herobrine wouldn't have let you out that easily. In fact, he wouldn't let you out at all.

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  • Por mis pelos casi te etrapa !!

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  • I just noticed this is like stuff that's happening in Minecraft story mode example blocks coming out of nowhere AND prisons

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  • Look ik the build look epic and all but is it really worth it? Faking to escape to gane followers....? Is people really want a lot of followers that bad? Like srsly u over done ur self dude- like look at that u did all of tHat from a TIKTOK

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  • Why didnt he get the hunger effect when he ate the rotten flesh

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  • Hm??

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  • Me when I instantly see this: 0_0 it' has 1 million likes me be like "am making a video like this"

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  • Now I know who killed my dad... Now...

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  • Holy cow that's amazing MOOOOO

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  • Herobrine was removed in the last update 🙄

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  • I cried

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