My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS

i literally don't see a point in anything lmfao
Birdjsakdasd APP!!!: Corpse_Husband
listen 2 some tunes doggy!
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  • i fucking love your songs on Spotify

    gatcha storiesgatcha stories36 minuuttia sitten
  • "I think I can hear D R A G O N" gee I wonder what that is

    I poop a lot I poop a lotI poop a lot I poop a lotTunti sitten
  • 15:55 Rae: I cAn HeAr SyKkUnO iN tHe AfTeRlIfE😂😂

    V.A223V.A223Tunti sitten
  • bro corpse you have not have been making videos

    Daniel OchoaDaniel OchoaTunti sitten
  • I stumbled across this video and I think I found out why people like corpse so much-

    ReaperReaperTunti sitten
  • "i missed clicked" 😂😂

    Asino RalteAsino Ralte2 tuntia sitten
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  • corpse do u remeber kyler??

    Aaliyah OsborneAaliyah Osborne3 tuntia sitten
  • Corpse just landed :b Lol

    Boise MonsterBoise Monster3 tuntia sitten
  • this is my first time watching his channel, his voice makes my throat feel weird when I listen to it

    PorkyX9PorkyX94 tuntia sitten

  • Ay i was drinkin too! I WAS DRINKIN SUM- Sparkling water..What do you think i was drinking??

    Tyler ColemanTyler Coleman5 tuntia sitten
  • Batman

    that susthat sus5 tuntia sitten
  • Corpse Cg5 made a song about you can you please listen to it? 🥺 👉👈

    Chimken NuggetsChimken Nuggets5 tuntia sitten
  • downlosd crew link you and your friends its make the proximity chat whitout asking a admin or an owner to give you a mod

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  • This idea is from SocksFor1

    Lina ŽitinevičiūtėLina Žitinevičiūtė6 tuntia sitten
  • dang, first time coming here and that voice dude...... SOO DEEP

    LonLon7 tuntia sitten
    • @Anime simp it suits so much for scary stories

      LonLon6 tuntia sitten
    • @Anime simp yes

      LonLon6 tuntia sitten
    • Ikr his voice is so cool

      Anime simpAnime simp6 tuntia sitten
  • when among us is too hard, *you pour another glass of beer and chug your problems away*

    Dazai SimpDazai Simp7 tuntia sitten
  • “because now you are an impostor imposting as dream” LMAOO

    naominaomi7 tuntia sitten
  • Wow he is 7 mil subs

    Becky BrigueraBecky Briguera7 tuntia sitten
  • Corpse: I’m imposter vote me (he’s telling the truth) Everyone: alright we know it’s not corpse just let’s vote someone else 3 months later corpse: I’m imposter Everyone: alright even thought every time he says he’s imposter he’s telling the truth maybe he isn’t imposter this time

    Superboss1259Superboss12597 tuntia sitten
  • Bro i was gonna start the video when some ad started playing and it was called "How to simp"

    NickosaNickosa7 tuntia sitten
  • Have I been clickbaited?

    UPB joshUPB josh7 tuntia sitten
  • How did they have that hats? Its amayzing i really need those

    Jared Adrian BaticulaJared Adrian Baticula7 tuntia sitten
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    Amanda TanAmanda Tan8 tuntia sitten
  • Ash is genuinely my fav atm! “Well stop being such a bitch then”

    Fyfie __Fyfie __9 tuntia sitten
  • 9:15 - 12:15 such a great round!

    JennyApostolosJennyApostolos12 tuntia sitten
  • I have never ever seen anyone with that much deep voice

    shadowpegenshadowpegen12 tuntia sitten
  • when the impostor is sus

    tee zeeetee zeee12 tuntia sitten
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    Tina NguyenTina Nguyen12 tuntia sitten
  • bandage on the neck..........

    Arif HidayatArif Hidayat12 tuntia sitten
  • I love your voice

    Simone NicoleSimone Nicole12 tuntia sitten
  • Corpse we miiiissss yooou aplode videoooooos pleeeaaas

    RashaRasha12 tuntia sitten
  • his voice- im gonna die of blushing anytime soon now~

    Olivia GesovskiOlivia Gesovski13 tuntia sitten
  • Imagine getting a heart ❤️ from corpse

    Asha SinghAsha Singh13 tuntia sitten
  • Jesus how old is he I can't think of a face or an age that matches his voice

    Cheezy WeezyCheezy Weezy14 tuntia sitten
  • I have a crush con Corpse help

    RimsRims14 tuntia sitten
  • Hey corpse how will your voice sound if you inhale sulfur hexafloride basically to complete opposite of helium.

    Iv anIv an14 tuntia sitten
  • how did he do that deep voice??? D: and..I was shook when the video started

    Leah plays hereLeah plays here14 tuntia sitten
  • play among us on vr chat, u can switch avatars after murder to make it more interesting ;)

    OhKneeSanOhKneeSan15 tuntia sitten
  • 7:57 okay

    z2powerz2power16 tuntia sitten
  • me whenever I just started watching you : he got a hella deep voise

    Vanessa SalcidoVanessa Salcido17 tuntia sitten
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    polish andypolish andy17 tuntia sitten
  • Corpse I'm so sorry u have this disease for your deep voice

    Skybryn 87Skybryn 8717 tuntia sitten
  • Zero talent jus have deep voice

    UhhhUhhh17 tuntia sitten
  • i mean tina....

    Julius ButlerJulius Butler18 tuntia sitten
  • me: so levi- i mean corpse is the imp-

    Brenda RamosBrenda Ramos18 tuntia sitten
  • Hi

    Levey LondonLevey London18 tuntia sitten
  • Just to people who need this get some sleep drink some water go eat something don’t overwork yourself

    Aiko SukiAiko Suki18 tuntia sitten
  • your voice is deep!

    Queen RoyaleQueen Royale19 tuntia sitten
  • Hey dude it’s me sonic and just let you know I promise

    Lucas Hunt 2Lucas Hunt 219 tuntia sitten
  • When I saw the thumbnail I was like Da fowk cus I don't watch the new

    Miss.orangeMiss.orange20 tuntia sitten
  • Corpse’s voice = 😈💀💀☠️ Corpse’s personality = 🌸🌹🌞🦋

    SufiTheGoofySufiTheGoofy20 tuntia sitten
  • corpse is a inspiration to many

    Omar ElzahdanOmar Elzahdan20 tuntia sitten
  • Drunk Rae. Never thought I'd ever see this. 5:42

    Victor AponteVictor Aponte21 tunti sitten
  • wow man a see you in mrbeast rewind and wow a like your voice

    cartman totocartman toto21 tunti sitten
  • did anyone else peep that at around 15:38 sykunno sat back down at the same time hafu got up

    Thot pocket_69Thot pocket_6922 tuntia sitten
  • What a voice

    Josh JamesJosh James22 tuntia sitten
  • Are you still being harassed still corpse BTW I'm a fan not a harassing fan I still wanna face reveal tho but I don't care if ur ugly I still support you remember Im not a creepy fan

    Paulene WardPaulene Ward22 tuntia sitten
  • bE HoNëśt~~~hØW ŁœÑg hÆVę Û, wÆtÇHtĒd çœRpßē???????

    VxrtexVxrtex22 tuntia sitten

    Gr4nTGr4nT23 tuntia sitten
  • 13:27 xdxdxddx

    benimatyusbenimatyus23 tuntia sitten
  • Can we just gently appreciate the title.

    Crafty 758Crafty 75823 tuntia sitten
  • Indonesian youtuber has the deep voice like corpse but not as deep as corpse His channel is " Qorygore "

    Garda BaruGarda BaruPäivä sitten
  • How do people still like this shit game let alone, this dudes boring ass gameplays , stick to stories bro.

    Marty ByrdeMarty ByrdePäivä sitten
  • Ka approves of Corpse Husband.

  • brooke does a killer tina impression woah 24:06

    RyanRyanPäivä sitten
  • hey corpse if you show youre face ill go on tik tok go live and give everyone my sddress

    Jaison LesterJaison LesterPäivä sitten
  • Yess

    Ruby RedDragon03Ruby RedDragon03Päivä sitten
  • anyone else notice hafu try to pour a drink with the cap still on?

    Ayaka12Ayaka12Päivä sitten
  • I play among us too I think I killed you on among us and I'm sorry that I did

    megan whitakermegan whitakerPäivä sitten

    Zoja BikovaZoja BikovaPäivä sitten
  • This is game but it feels like you are telling a scary story lol

    Hasan KatariwalaHasan KatariwalaPäivä sitten
  • keep doing what you do your great

    HeldWindPandaHeldWindPandaPäivä sitten
  • I bet my voice is deeper than urs @Corpse Husband

    VeNoMVeNoMPäivä sitten
  • Bret when he killed Corpse: This is how I feel about puns

    RBX PhoenixRBX PhoenixPäivä sitten
  • we love you dawg

    Malachy MadrigalMalachy MadrigalPäivä sitten
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    hoivan banlahoivan banlaPäivä sitten
  • i am so confuced from the name of ur chanel i hop eits just a troll edit after serachign out i was retarded 🤣🤣 i think that what u get when u dont knwo the other countrys shits u know what i am saying

    Ninja 8 ForeverNinja 8 ForeverPäivä sitten
  • corpse i dear u to say oni chan

    NathanielNathanielPäivä sitten
  • Corpse Joli Noelinooso 3YToy

    Joli and NoelJoli and NoelPäivä sitten
  • Such high quality Among Us content, love it

    Raphael KollerRaphael KollerPäivä sitten
  • hai

    MCC WolfMCC WolfPäivä sitten
  • My mom is so scared of you

    drybones 4000drybones 4000Päivä sitten
  • Corpse is my favorite FIstart channel

    Richard HarmonRichard HarmonPäivä sitten
  • The heck why de bloody hell ya on da news

    Olivia's stuffs EmailOlivia's stuffs EmailPäivä sitten
  • if you are a corpse how are you playing games it's a joke did you laugh

  • I wonder if alcohol effects his voice at all

    Cosmo DaysCosmo DaysPäivä sitten
  • Ima give everyone a rival Corpse: Brooke Sykkuno: Rae Toast: Hafu Tina: Ash Abe: Bretman Sorry if some of these don't match up, I don't know much about the group

    Vox GoombaVox GoombaPäivä sitten

    Kill MeKill MePäivä sitten
  • Hey xx_gaming_x give me a shout out corpse

    legendshirtslegendshirtsPäivä sitten
  • Did I just get click bated?

    Dominik PaluszDominik PaluszPäivä sitten
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    David KimDavid KimPäivä sitten
  • Its your voice or nooooooooooooooo??????????

    RashaRashaPäivä sitten
  • Bro I sound like a little tikes lamborghini. Teach me your ways 😭

    RadiamvRadiamvPäivä sitten
  • E

    Butter BButter BPäivä sitten
  • Your voice is like kartos ( god of war)

    D 41 Utpal KumarD 41 Utpal KumarPäivä sitten
  • 27:08 😂😂smooth corpse,smooth, also brets giggle 🤭 cute lol

    Susie NightSusie NightPäivä sitten
  • uff no remorse for brooks, damn😂

    HolyKnightKittyHolyKnightKittyPäivä sitten