Surviving A Black Mamba Snake Bite - Venom Man

Surviving A Black Mamba Snake Bite - Venom Man! Travis from iwonder TV meet up with Tim Friede to his is unbelievable immunity to venomous snakes. Wisconsin resident and snake enthusiast Tim Friede allows himself to be bitten four times by the deadly black mamba snake. Snakes attack many people each year causing uncertain loss of life but how does Tim survive a bite that often kills victims within 20 minutes? For the past 16 years, Tim Friede has been boosted over 700 times with snake venom, including over 200 snake bites from live venomous snakes. Over the course of these boosts, he has developed a remarkable immunity to snakes that would be ordinarily lethal, including cobras, taipans, black mambas, diamondback rattlers, and many others. He is resistant to a genetically diverse panel of snakes spanning the Americas, Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe, indicating that he has affinity matured broadly neutralizing antibodies that can recognize and neutralize all snake venoms. Backed by Jacob Glanville who is a world expert in in high-throughput sequencing and antibody display bioengineering technologies capable of rapidly recovering the genetic instructions for antibodies developed from live immunizations. Research on his blood have identified extremely elevated IgG4 anti-sera against snake venoms and a generally elevated IgG. Tim's blood contains the instructions for a universal, fully human anti venom to help make a vaccine.
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  • This guy is a human mongoose where black mamba venom has no effect on him

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  • After the video ... That black mamba needs antibodies

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  • There's new evidence that captive snakes can lose alot of their venom toxicity. Ive seen it myself. Id "like" to see this guy pull a 7 footer out of the African bush and take a wack.

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  • Imagine being that snake getting put back in the cage with the others: Dude are you okay!? You just bit that guy! You should probably wash your mouth out! Did you actually get any of him in your mouth? We might need to call the hospital!

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  • A few moment later the snake was found dead.

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  • Black Mambas are the second venomous snake. King Cobras are the first venomous snake

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