Taylor Swift - Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) (Lyric Video)

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Official Lyrics:

Mr. perfect face
Mr. here to stay
Mr. looked me in the eye and told me you would never go away
Everything was right
Mr. I’ve been waiting for you all my life
Mr. every single day until the end I will be by your side
But that was when I got to know
Mr. change of heart
Mr. leaves me all alone
I fall apart
It takes everything in me just to get up each day
But it’s wonderful to see that you’re okay
Hello, Mr. perfectly fine
How’s your heart after breaking mine?
Mr. always at the right place at the right time, baby
Hello, Mr. casually cruel
Mr. everything revolves around you
I’ve been Miss misery since your goodbye
And you’re Mr. perfectly fine
Mr. never told me why
Mr. never had to see me cry
Mr. insincere apology so he doesn’t look like the bad guy
He goes about his day
Forgets he ever even heard my name
Well I thought you might be different than the rest
I guess you’re all the same
Because I hear he’s got his arm ‘round a brand new girl
I’ve been picking up my heart
He’s been picking up her
And I never got past what you put me through
But it’s wonderful to see that it never phased you
Repeat chorus
So dignified in your well pressed suit
So strategized
All the eyes on you
Sashay your way to your seat
It’s the best seat
In the best room
Oh, he’s so smug
Mr. always wins
So far above me in every sense
So far above feeling anything
And it’s really such a shame
It’s such a shame
Cause I was Miss here to stay
Now I’m Miss gonna be alright someday
And someday maybe you’ll miss me
But by then you’ll be Mr. too late
Goodbye, Mr. perfectly fine
How’s your heart after breaking mine?
Mr. always at the right place at the right time, baby
Goodbye, Mr. casually cruel
Mr. everything revolves around you
I’ve been Miss misery for the last time
And you’re Mr. perfectly fine
You’re perfectly fine
Mr. look me in the eye and tell me you
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Music video by Taylor Swift performing Mr. Perfectly Fine (Taylor’s Version) (From The Vault) (Lyric Video). © 2021 Taylor Swift




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  • *please please support this Music Genius on i tune download*

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